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“We love to make music - especially with a country twist.

Songs that will touch your heart, make you want to cry or laugh and smile!”

Legal Tender (Moira and Ian Campbell) and Carylann are well known country musicians who are combining their multi award winning musical and entertainment talents to present

‘The Travelling Somebodies.’

This group of three are no strangers to sharing the stage with each other. They have wowed audiences separately and collectively over the past few years as guests at many concerts, festivals and events all over New Zealand and have been privileged to perform alongside many NZ country music icons - Wayne Mason (Warratahs), various members of the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band including Colleen and Paul Trenwith, Des Hetherington, (The Coal Rangers) and Dennis Marsh. They were also fortunate to be the support act for country great ‘Charlie Pride’ on one of his New Zealand tours.

As ‘The Travelling Somebodies’ they bring their powerful lead vocals, spine tingling three part harmonies and skills in playing guitar, bass, harmonica, keys and ‘squeeze box’ to each and every performance. Their delivery of songs has recently seen them as collective winners of nine gold guitar awards including two for their own compositions about uniquely New Zealand ‘happenings’.

When asked to describe their genre, they have coined the phrase ‘Rural Folk’. “It’s a mix of traditional and alternate country with a bit of folk in its delivery, hence the term”. This eclectic mix of music has been recorded on the eight albums of originals and ‘songs they wish they had written themselves’ that they have collectively released.

Audiences will be treated to award winning originals and renditions from greats such as George Jones, Gillian Welch, Guy Clark, John Prine and new artists such as Holly Williams (Hank Williams granddaughter). Each and every performance will take you on a journey with a delivery of songs and stories that will make you tap your toes, laugh and perhaps cry.

“We have been privileged to play alongside a wealth of musical talent and experience over the years” says Ian “and it is a real pleasure for Carylann, Moira and I to bring you ‘The Travelling Somebodies’ and play to audiences who just enjoy good music with a bit of fun!”

Click on this link for our sample video:

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