I love music - and my life basically revolves around it!


It's my great good fortune to play music with wonderful musicians regularly. From the early 1980's in Queenstown with Reg McTaggart,  'Banana Republic' with the Muggeridge brothers (Taranaki then Auckland), pubs & clubs in London, back to Aotearoa, 'CaViaR' with Ramon Oza, 'Flyin' Dice' with David Chadwick, 'Souled Out' with Claude Hooper, appearances with Andrew London, then the totally unique 'Henpicked' with Dean Murray, Anje Glindemann, & Kirsten London.

      Over 6 years, Henpicked produced 3 albums, music videos, TV & festival appearances, & also featured live 3 times on National Radio. Henpicked was more than a little bit 'country' & that is where my musical heart lives.

      I perform regularly with alt-country band 'Legal Tender'

(Ian Campbell & Moira Howard) which I love especially for the powerful 3 part harmonies we create.  2015 saw us win the Gold Guitar award at Gore for Best Group & I also took home a Gold Guitar for the Traditional Section.

      Ross McDermott & I had a duo 'Rusty & Rose' which has been great fun. Ross is an excellent sound engineer who works out of his studio 'Audiosuite' on the Kapiti Coast. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer.  Have a listen to my recordings!

      I also play regularly with 'The Gypsies'  (with Ross, and Paul Schreuder - an incredible vocalist/songwriter) 


   During the school term I'm an itinerant music teacher in 3 colleges in the Kapiti/Horowhenua/Manawatu.


      I live in my motorhome!